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Packing The Bowl

Simply unscrew the puck lid, fill the puck base with your desired shisha, screw the puck lid back on, and you're ready to go! Here are some tips:

- Very light fluff (you don't need much)



We recommend using four coals to start, and allowing 3-5 minutes for the bowl to heat up.

- Natural coals work best 


4, 3, Flip, 4

This is a little technique we've found to work particularly well.

"4" - Start off with four coals, placed on the outside edge of the bowl. This provides ample heat for your Fliptech Hookah Bowl to heat up. Once the bowl starts smoking, you can leave the coals on and smoke as desired.  

"3" - Once you notice that the bowl is getting too hot, remove one coal and continue smoking with only 3.    

"Flip" - After about 10-15 minutes, remove the coals and flip the puck.

"4" - Place all four coals back onto the bowl and enjoy!



If you'd like to use your Fliptech as a traditional phunnel style hookah bowl, you can! Simply remove the provided O-ring, pack the Fliptech base as you would a traditional phunnel bowl, place the puck lid onto the base, and you're ready to smoke!


Let Us Know!

You can experiment with different techniques, flavors, etc. If you find something that works, we'd love to hear from you!  


**note: To extend the life of your Fliptech Hookah Bowl, we recommend that you hand wash and dry the unit after each use. Our bowls are not dishwasher safe.