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Our Mission
Our mission is to create the best hookah smoking experience in the industry.
Where It All Started
It all started with an idea, lying in bed, at about 2:00 a.m. It's safe to say that no sleep occurred that night, and countless nights since. After two years of prototyping and R&D, we are proud to bring you what we feel is the best hookah bowl to hit the market.
The Problem
What are the factors that separate a great hookah from the rest? Duration of the bowl, size of the clouds, and most importantly the absence of "harshness." Growing up smoking hookah, we quickly realized that these three factors were, to a certain extent, mutually exclusive. If one was true, the others suffered. For example, if you wanted huge clouds you could toss on a few extra coals, but you would quickly realize how harsh the bowl would become. By keeping the bowl relatively cool, you could avoid that dreadful harshness and the bowl would last a bit longer, but it was at the expense of cloud thickness. Why couldn't you have all three? 
The Idea
To get the perfect steak, you cook it evenly on both sides. Why can't this process be applied to shisha?
The Solution
Who We Are
Based out of Burbank, California, we are a small business focused on providing a luxury hookah bowl that is equally matched in quality and performance. We draw inspiration from clean, raw, elemental influences. Utilizing materials such as natural wood and metal, we offer the highest in quality, while reducing our impact on the environment. Our logo is representative of our dedication to our customers. There are no flashy colors, no gimmicks, and you know exactly what you're getting.
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